Victor came to Fuel Startup through a referral, bringing a project to be rescued, for his site, FunDrop. FunDrop is a rental games site similar to sites like GameFly, but specializes in games for young children.

They had hired a different development studio that had produced the first iteration of the website, but the end product had bugs and functionality issues. Additionally, the out-of-the-box shopping cart solution was too heavy for the use case, and the level of security on the site was not appropriate for credit card transactions.

"We needed someone who was completely unbiased and technically competent to do high-level diagnostics and fix scalability issues. We also wanted to improve consistency on the site," Victor said.

The design and user experience portions of this project were already in place, so Fuel Startup re-built the backend of the site to address the functionality and security issues in phase one.

"Fuel Startup impressed me in two areas: their technical competence and their practical approach to problem solving. We spoke to other development studios that said, 'we'll work with you, but we have to redo everything.' Fuel Startup just got it. They understood that we had already purchased the car and now we just needed to make sure it got us from Point A to Point B efficiently and consistently. Rahul didn't let the romance of owning the design stand in the way of completing the work."

In phase two, we moved the hosting to a cloud platform for scalability purposes and set up email workflow triggers for various actions taken on the site. We recreated the inventory management system and put a new shopping cart solution in place. Finally, we tested the site's functionality to ensure that the issues had been fixed.

"Phase 2 focused on testing, fixing, scrubbing, cleaning up, and making sure everything worked. The engine was revved up, but it hadn't been tuned. The Fuel Startup team came in and took the noise out."

Throughout the process, we compartmentalized each piece of the project to manage the risk during certain aspects, like transitioning the hosting to the new site.

"Fuel Startup did a phenomenal job we're looking forward to continuing to work with them as we expand and grow. Highly recommended!"