David came to Fuel Startup with an idea for a niche social network. He interviewed several development studios with a few requirements in mind, including agility, cost efficiency, and communication. "Mixing offshore and local development to reduce costs can be a dangerous road if the communication is not managed correctly," David said, "so we evaluated a number of companies before making a decision."

He chose Fuel Startup because we understood agile development and used the Fuel Methodology, which takes the best of agile and lean startup principles to rapidly build products. "Rahul's team was the only one that found the delicate balance between outsourcing for cost efficiency and communicating at a level that would lead to a higher quality product," he said.

The project started with an 8-hour working session with David's team and the Fuel Startup team in one room. "We had a general direction, but not the full picture." he said. "The Fuel Startup team greatly contributed to the evolution of the project through collaborative brainstorming sessions and outstanding development strategies.”

Fuel Startup listened to David's vision to understand what he was trying to accomplish. Then, we conducted all the research necessary to offer several different choices for solutions, including both out-of-the-box and custom options.

David chose a custom option because he knew that he eventually wanted to expand the network beyond a website and into a mobile application as well. Fuel Startup built the website with the .NET REST API so that the product would scale for future development. We also designed the architecture, provided user experience consulting, created all the graphics for the design, and completed the development.

"The Fuel Startup team divided the project into manageable pieces. Whenever something needed to be modified, added, or removed, we were able to address it without creating a huge problem."

The initial phase of this project could have easily taken a year; using our approach and technical competencies, Fuel Startup was able to complete the website in five months. Moving forward, David and his team will enter the next phase of the project, which is to launch a series of additional features based on consumer feedback.

"Hiring a developer means entering into a close working relationship that requires effective cooperation and communication. Rahul was consistently personable and professional, patient with explaining the technical aspects of the project, and extremely responsive to phone calls, text messages and emails.”

"Fuel Startup exceeded expectations in terms of quality, cost efficiency, and delivery—we are very happy with the end result.”