Tiffany came to Fuel Startup with a project to be rescued. A previously hired developer had provided a bad experience in terms of communication, response time, and creating high quality work (the homepage took nearly 10 seconds to load, which is a major problem for an ecommerce site).

"I had very little development knowledge and had already had one bad experience," Tiffany said. "I needed someone to come in and clean up the problems without going over my original budget or starting from scratch. I wanted a development studio that could complete the work at a fair price, and Fuel Startup fit the bill."

First, Fuel Startup completed a makeover so that the site could be used as a visual presentation in a meeting with investors on a tight deadline. "Rahul was able to work through every crazy idea I sent him from looking at other ecommerce sites that I liked," she said.

Next, we re-built the backend of the website, including the inventory management system, using ASP.NET. Tiffany had come to us with a design solidified from her previous developer, which we optimized for page load speed and image load speed.

"Fuel Startup provided the functional pieces I needed—the shopping cart, a number of scrolling features on the website, and the inventory system."

The challenging piece of the site was that there were two possible transactions within the site flow, which had to be processed either sequentially or parallel to each other.

"Rahul kept an eye on all the moving parts and was always on top of what tasks were being completed. When there was a change, he put an immediate stop on the progress and made sure everyone was aware of the new plan. When there was an emergency, he was on it—even calling up a third-party vendor to deal with an issue I had! He communicated everything and handled requests within a day's turnaround time.

"The Fuel Startup team never stopped helping me brainstorm and found solutions to many problems I encountered with the new business model I was working on. Great experience. Great team."