MVP Program


So you have this great idea for a company or product, but you don’t have the technical resources to make it happen. What if there was a way to have an experienced technical team to execute your next great idea?

Our Fuel Startup MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Program was born to help you develop your idea and propel it into the market. More important than creating an amazing product, we want to make sure your process in launching your idea is efficient, impactful and cost effective. In exchange for a minimal piece of equity, we can provide you with the experience to launch your next big idea on web, mobile or data applications.

The Experience

  • We will provide 200 hours of product development to create your MVP:
    • Understand your idea through product consultation
    • Build the best User Experience Design (UX)
    • Develop the backend and framework for your idea
    • Make sure your MVP is ready for launch through Quality Assurance
  • Pivot-Oriented Programming™: Ideas and goals can change. We’re dedicated to being flexible to align with your vision every step of the way
  • Post-product development support for 6 months
  • Access to our experienced team and partners like Microsoft BizSpark
  • Never having to say, “If only I had someone to build my product.”


How much does it cost?
With providing 200 hours of development, our MVProgram is valued at $20,000.00. In exchange for a minimum piece of equity, your investment is 50% off at $10,000.00
How much equity are you asking for?
It all depends. It can range from 2%-15%.
How long will my project take to complete?
Our timeframe to launch a MVP is typically around 8-10 weeks.
What if my project needs more than 200 hours?
Usually 200 hours is sufficient to create an minimum viable product. Our goal is to make sure we focus on the most important functionalities of your idea and not a feature wish list.
Will I own the code?
Absolutely. It’s your idea.
What happens after launch?
Besides become best friends, we’ll support you for 6 months post launch with questions, bug support and troubleshooting. Anything outside the scope of the MVP would require additional investment based on our currently market rates.
Will you sign an NDA?
Most likely not. Our goal is to help as many entrepreneurs execute their ideas.

Are you ready to get started?

We can’t wait to hear about your idea.